Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

Poetry of Sean Hart

The poetry of Sean Hart is kind of simple. I like it ..
More stuff of Sean Hart on his photo stream on streetfiles

Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

artbase 2011

Between 6th and 7th august artbase 2011 is rocking near Berlin .

A lot artists from all over europe already painted there. the crazy long list of artists you find here .
I guess this will be one of the most interesting mural events this year in Germany, maybe even Europe .

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Kangiqsujuaq Nunavik ....

"Organized by, Alexa Hatanaka and I were asked by the mayor of Kangiqsujuaq Nunavik to paint. We got some photos of an elder playing string games at the elders home and covered the outside of an old dorm building with giant paws. more photos to come." via fotostream of patrick evoke

Teapot with Hiro

This funny interpretation of a racing teapot is done by Stop from Nizhniy Novgorod/Russia.

three .....

3 is the number of today. Not just the nice video i posted before is a focus on this number.
The following weeks 3 nice mural events will happen .... plus one more time Fokus Festival in Görlitz ;)

Artbase 2011 ( 6-7th August) near Berlin will rock the countryside of Brandeburg . A lot of artists from Berlin and who visited Berlin left stuff in Grabow - check out their website for more infos

From 12-14 august - Sichtbeton(g) part 2 will run in Dresden Prohlis. After a great weekend in the last year , this year new artists will come to prohlis and paint together.
this year the first time their is a great party with körpa klauz (Stuttgart) and lectures with Robert Kaltenhäuser (art inconsequence) and Me (Muralismo Morte)
more infos hopefully soon ... but for sure it happens ;) results of the last year - here

ibug is rockin again an abandoned area in Meerane. painting starts on 26th - official opening of IBUG - 2nd september.
once again artists from all over europe move to this small, shiny town. Ta55o and Help (Meerane), Zone56 (Glauchau), Tshunc and Flamat (Leipzig), Andy K, Jens Besser (Dresden), Zebster and Wurstbande (Berlin), Atem (Frankfurt am Main), Hifi (Dortmund), Chromeo (Schweiz), Ruskig (Schweden), Emilone (Österreich) and Faunagraphic (Großbritannien)
infos here

plus 1 ;)

Fokus Festival is back again from 9-11th September . Fokus is a funky subcultural Festival near the polish border. Görlitz , home of the fokus, is divided into a german and polish part. Every year the festival tries to bring young people from both countries together. Part of the Fokus is the infamous Painters meeting . This year with artists like b01grafik (Wroclaw, PL), Base 23 (Berlin), Benuz (Oaxaca, Mexico), CiahCiah (Wroclaw, PL), DKV crew (PL), Duncan Passmore(GB), Este (Wroclaw, PL), Felix Almes (Leipzig), Irgh (Berlin), Jens Besser (Dresden), Jote (Kraków, PL), Kim Köster (Berlin), Martin Haufe (Leipzig), Mikołaj Rejs (PL), Osthood ( Cottbus), Sam Crew ( Berlin), Sichtbeton Crew (Dresden), Stefan Schwarzer (Halle), Tasso (Meerane), Urkel (Berlin), XXcrew (Berlin) ... and i guess many more.

three days

three days is a atmospheric video about the work of four russian muralists from Nizhny Novgorod -
Stop, Chair, Jacob and Skar. thanx for the mail chair...

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Fresh Polish muralism

Fresh work by Zbiok in Krakow. I like the integration of fresh colors into old background.

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