this page tries to explain how the title and idea of "muralismo morte" was born.

For over 15 years i paint in abandoned buildings all over Europe. In the beginning empty factories been perfect spots to try writings, bombings or characters.

After a while i started painting only characters and abstract stuff. i stopped writing and developed muralism in empty buildings.

On my travels all over europe i met up a lot of painters who had the same passion. Painters like ryan spring dooley, eleuro, xpome, kenor, aris ... ( i could continue to write everbodys name, but i stop because this text is to short for all the painters i met over 15 years - SORRY , i hope nobody feels dissed)
I realized it's a huge movement , but people don t see it, because everything happens in hidden spaces. The idea of an exhbition came up.

In March 2009 the show "Muralismo Morte" opened in Dresden at the contemporary arts centre MOTORENHALLE. The show was a huge success. Artists been happy, Visitors been happy. And Me,too. Part of the show been also guided tours into abandoned buildings in Dresden.

During summer 2009 parts of the show were shown in Berlin and i was invited to make a similar project on a citywasteland in Leipzig called urban script camp.

In January 2010 Don of "From Here To Fame Publishing" asked me if i like to make a book about this theme. "Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth Of Muralism In Contemporary Art" was born.
The Book finally was finished in Octobre 2010.

But after the book was finished i even found new works and i thought this stuff should be shown too - that's why i started this blog !

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