Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

JBAK for City Bilder

A few weeks ago the american artist collective JBAK was invited to paint a mural for CityBilder in Dresden. During the process of the wall a nice stop motion footage of the development of the wall was made. I don't like the music that much, but the pictures are great to understand how JBAK work together. Check out their blog for recent works.

Mittwoch, 21. November 2012


I found this work in the photostream of Vova Chernyshev from N Novgorod. It is a collabortive work of him with Artem Filatov - both from Russia. The work is located in St. Petersburg. I really like the how the drawing melts together with this old scraped wall. Beautifull sunset. If you like to read a bit more about the way the work came up check this text on the blog of Anvil Rosenkreuz. And please check the high resolution picture for more details of the work.

Dienstag, 20. November 2012

La Peinture à l'Ancienne

"La Peinture à l'Ancienne" is a blog by french artist J.I.E.M. that focus' on old drawings on facade - especially lettering.

Samstag, 17. November 2012

Cillin' in Latin America

This is a work by brasilian artist Alma of his Series O P.R.E.T.O.

Jitter Jitter

Other from Montreal went to Heerlen/Netherlands to make another crazy mural. This Town is maybe the only one in netherland that collects contemporary muralism in public space. Os Gemeos did a wall in 2007 and last year the mural project Lak Aan Braak happend in this town. I guess we will see more murals growing by artists there.

Sego in Oaxaca

Sego from Mexico City was in Oaxaca(Mexico) and did a wall during "Foco Festival" in this beautifull City of art.

Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Inti in Beirut

"Pagano" by Inti from Valparaiso/Chile did a huge work in Beirut/Lebanon for "WhiteWall"-Project. If you are in Beirut you can check out all interventions on their map.

New stuff by Zbiok

Zbiok seems to go in a new direction. Those two new works in a new unseen "Zbiok"- Style are located in Poland. Check out more new works of Zbiok in his fotostream.

Montag, 13. August 2012

High-Pressure Drawing

Klaus Dauven does a huge Drawing on the concrete dam of Talsperre Eibenstock in Saxony/Germany. He uses high pressure cleaner to draw into the gray shade of the massive concrete wall (Also know as "Reverse Graffiti"). Some more massive works you can find here. Thanx susanne - via mail. Another work in Japan

Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Giant Transition

Giant Transition is a Mural by canadian artist Luke Ramsey and Josh Holinaty in Edmonton Canada. "The giant on the right comes from a land of mass consumption and waste. His body is made-up of junk, trash and random man-made objects. He feels burdened by the weight of his load and feels stress and fear because of it. The giant on the left is showing compassion for her new friend. She comes from a land of green space and an abundance of nature. Her body is made-up of rivers, animals, and vegetation. As a gesture of support and understanding, she calmly puts her hand on the other giant’s shoulder. He’s feeling a little nervous about the change, but a positive transition begins to spread- a change that shares a common ground between the two. Their faces come together and form a complete circle, because they are in harmony with each other." more photos here

Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

FAHR 1 Festival

Nice video documentation about FAHR 1 Festival in Spain. Thanx for the e-mail Asbel.

Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

" Peces levitantes en la ciudad " by Sego

New mural by Sego from Mexico Ciudad. More detailed pictures of this work you can find in his photostream .

Freitag, 25. Mai 2012


Blaqk is a collaboration between 2 designers, Greg Papagrigoriou and Simeκ. A mix with illusive forms and letters (typography-calligraphy) in strict shapes. More pictures of blaqk - here

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Kenor @ Fahr Festival

A new work by Kenor for Fahr Festival in Spain. Another artist at the Festival is ever from Buenos Aires. check his work here.

El Euro is in the (farm) house

Found this nice fresh work by ElEuro via ekosystem. El euro is also know as the founder of the flickr group "country side graffiti" and is most probably the most active public artist in the countryside of Piemonte/Italy. Don't forget to check his work at the " Street Art Museum Turin" as well.

Polisch Mural Craziness in Poznan

A recent nice collaboration in Poznan by the artists Otecki & Hemoroid. Got this one via e-mail - thanx Otecki

and found this one by graphic surgery in Poznan via ekosystem and FB

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Book presentation @ Art Academy Sofia

Thursday, 17.May - 6 p.m. the presentation of "Muralismo Morte - The rebirth of muralism in contemporary urban art" starts at the Art Academy of Sofia/Bulgaria . Adress: 1 Schipka Str. - Atelier 7

Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Xpome & Rayax

Documentation by Bozhidar Asenov & Marin Kafedzhiiski about a bulgarian Mural by Xpome & Rayax in a backyard of an italian Restaurant in downtown Sofia- via

Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Formichev of 0331 C

found this one via flickr

Zuk Club Army

This is a caricature about the victory parade in Moscow/Russia by russian artist zuk club .It seems mainly against the old fashioned way of showing strength in 21st centruy by a stupid parade (and not against the "glorious" end of the facist era of Germany).

Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Anders Rventlov Larsen goes huge in Aarhus

Anders Rventlov Larsen from Denmark goes huge in Aarhus - more picture you can find on his blog

City Bilder - Frm&Otecki, Jens Besser

Two recent Walls done during the project "City Bilder" in Dresden-Friedrichstadt. The polish artists FRM Kid and Otecki made a tribute to the artists group "Die Brücke", which was found in Dresden Friedrichstadt.
Jens Besser made a solo Mural on two opposite walls called "Day&Night" - for better resolution picture click on the pictures a map of all walls done during the project and about Dresden-Friedrichstadt you can find here

Montag, 2. April 2012

CityBilderContinues- Frm&Otecki in Dresden

CityBilderContinues- part 2- FRM&Otecki (Wroclaw/Poalnd) in action

The artists started today and work the next days at the wall - Adress: Waltherstrasse/Wachsbleichstrasse /Dresden more flix coming soon.

CityBilder - part 1 - featured international muralists who already collaborated together.
In the first part the following artists took part:
Other (CA) & Saddo (RO)
Ryan Spring Dooley (US) & Moneyless (IT)
Graphic Surgery (NL)
Kenor(ES) & H101 (ES)
Xpome (BG) & More (BG) & Jens Besser (D)

CityBilder continues the series of art in public space by riesa efau. CityBrache happened in 2004 and featured mainly Installations on city wastelands.

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Fukushima vs. Chernobyl

Political muralism in abandoned areas at it's best ! Those works of Combo i found on ekosystem today. Great sampling of pictures in an great and improtant content. What goes on after a worst case scenario of atomic explosion ?

Montag, 26. März 2012

Nancy Spero - The Rebirth

This is kind of a different feature on this blog. From 25.3.2012 till 31.5.2012 the exhibition "Nancy Spero - The Rebirth" is open to the public at Festspielhaus Hellerau - Dresden. The exhibtion shows wallpaintings of Nancy Spero. The works been done in 1998 during the stay of Nancy Spero in Dresden. The paintings were realized on rotten walls of the unrestored Festspielhaus. more informations and few pictures here

Freitag, 16. März 2012

Muralismo Morte Tour 2012 - Santiago/Chile

After staying one week in Valpo, we continued the travel to Santiago. We (Godi, Mr Rik and I) came to Santiago in the cargo area of a small transporter, driven by the shop owner of daking. It was a really relaxed and fast trip. Jan organized us a place where we could stay for some days. That was a great help, because we were not able to get in contact with the organizers of the "museo a cielo abierto en san miguel" during the weekend. Godi already had contact to the organizers of the "museo". He was asked to take part in the project. He already decided to share the opportunity with us, because he liked the collabortions we did in Valpo and it would be much more fun painting the wall together then just alone.
During the first day we just stayed at the place of our hosts - Hozeh and Seba of 12 brillos crew. We mixed up some ideas for the wall and spoke a lot about contemporary murals in Chile. We found out, that Seba and Hozeh helped a lot at museo a cielo abierto. They painted a wall for the project, too.
Hozeh told me a lot about the chilean Brigadas. Political groups that paint murals all over Chile. The Brigadas been found during the period of Allendes elections. They survived the dictatorship, after the death of Allende. The Brigadas are well organized. They consist of painters how just sketch, just fill or just make outlines. The murals have a very simple but bold style. The most famous group is "Brigada Ramona Parra" short BRP. The Curator of the "Museo" Mono Gonzalez was one of the founder this group.

a typical work of political chilean painting "Brigada"

I saw some works of Coas in the streets of Santiago. More works of Coas here. Street Art that is bombed in streets seems to be rare in Santiago. There are a lot big colorful writing pieces in the streets.

In the evning we moved to the museo, because we had an appointment with Mono Gonzalez .When we arrived in the area of San Miguel we had this great overview on the "museo". It was impressive to see as many walls together. The idea of the museo is found by David Villarroel F., Roberto Hernándes B and local people of San Miguel. David and Roberto live in San Miguel and run mixart. Mixart is a foundation of art from locals for locals. David is Dj. Roberto works as a admin of buildings in the area.
From the Beginning in 2010 till February 2012 23 Murals were painted.

When we arrived the 22nd was in process. During the first arrival in San Miguel i just saw few works, because it began to dawn. The next days i shoot good pictures - my favorites are the following works.

"Los Habitantes"by Mono Gonzales

"Integración" by Mono Gonzales & Seth

"Carnival Latinoamericano" by Charquipunk & Larobotdemadera

"Tala" by Agotok

We spoke with "Mono" and showed our idea and works. He was up to the stuff from the beginning. We only had to convince the people how lived in the buidling, But it seemed easy as well. The next day we showed our sketch to locals and moved our stuff there. We started to workon Wednesday and finished after 4 days of painting in the burning sun of Santiago de Chile and being annoyed by "GascoGascoGas" jingels. Local people where really friendly and everything was really good organized.

Thanx a Lot to David and Roberto for the great support !

A bigger picture of our final work you can see here.

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Muralismo Morte Tour 2012 - Valparaiso\Chile

My first stop during my second latin american tour was in Valparaiso - Chile. We, Mr Rik and I, arrived a bit tired in Valpo. After 18(Mr Rik)& 12(Me) hours of flight, bustransfer to santiagos bus terminal and another 2 hours of a bus ride to Valparaiso)we were lucky to escape from the german winter.
In Valpo i already had contact to Jekse&Cines. They are some of the most active painters over there. Nearly every second wall on elias street is painted by them. In the historical center on concepcion and alegre hill you find lot s of murals by them.

"el cerro graffiti" - elias street - works by Jekse&Cines , Hozeh&Jekse and others.

bird by charquipunk

huge mural by Inti. to be seen from cerro concepcion

a fast collaboarion of Jekse, Cines, Godi, Mr Rik and Me

In the evening we met up with Godi and Maju from Sao Paolo. We planned to do some murals together. In Valpo is the easiest we to paint a wall :
Just to knock on the door of the house and ask the owner for painting the wall. In more then 50 % of our tries it worked out. People are really open to the painting. In the history of valpo houses been painted with differnt colors. Fishermen used the leftovers of spar varnish to paint their houses. Valpo has been declared a world heritage site - i guess because of it s colorfullness.

During the seond day we came in contact with the owner of a local graff store - Jan. He is a really friendly guy and stayed for soem years in Germany, while he is a native chileno. The store offers cheap sprays and latex paint. And it s near to the "cerro graffiti"- ;)

for bigger images just click on the photos.

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