Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Muralismo Morte Tour 2012 - Valparaiso\Chile

My first stop during my second latin american tour was in Valparaiso - Chile. We, Mr Rik and I, arrived a bit tired in Valpo. After 18(Mr Rik)& 12(Me) hours of flight, bustransfer to santiagos bus terminal and another 2 hours of a bus ride to Valparaiso)we were lucky to escape from the german winter.
In Valpo i already had contact to Jekse&Cines. They are some of the most active painters over there. Nearly every second wall on elias street is painted by them. In the historical center on concepcion and alegre hill you find lot s of murals by them.

"el cerro graffiti" - elias street - works by Jekse&Cines , Hozeh&Jekse and others.

bird by charquipunk

huge mural by Inti. to be seen from cerro concepcion

a fast collaboarion of Jekse, Cines, Godi, Mr Rik and Me

In the evening we met up with Godi and Maju from Sao Paolo. We planned to do some murals together. In Valpo is the easiest we to paint a wall :
Just to knock on the door of the house and ask the owner for painting the wall. In more then 50 % of our tries it worked out. People are really open to the painting. In the history of valpo houses been painted with differnt colors. Fishermen used the leftovers of spar varnish to paint their houses. Valpo has been declared a world heritage site - i guess because of it s colorfullness.

During the seond day we came in contact with the owner of a local graff store - Jan. He is a really friendly guy and stayed for soem years in Germany, while he is a native chileno. The store offers cheap sprays and latex paint. And it s near to the "cerro graffiti"- ;)

for bigger images just click on the photos.

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