Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

First results of "City Images - collaborative Muralism in Dresden"

Graphic Surgery from Amsterdam

Ryan Spring Dooley and Moneyless from italy

Kenor and H101 from Barcelona

Other from Montreal and Saddo from Bucarest

more pictures on urban script photostream and lucky cats photostream

CityBilder - part 1 - featured international muralists who already collaborated together.
In the first part the following artists took part:
Other (CA) & Saddo (RO)
Ryan Spring Dooley (US) & Moneyless (IT)
Graphic Surgery (NL)
Kenor(ES) & H101 (ES)
Xpome (BG) & More (BG) & Jens Besser (D) - ( that collaborative work is finished next week )

CityBilder continues the series of art in public space by riesa efau. CityBrache happened in 2004 and featured mainly Installations on city wastelands.

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