Montag, 2. April 2012

CityBilderContinues- Frm&Otecki in Dresden

CityBilderContinues- part 2- FRM&Otecki (Wroclaw/Poalnd) in action

The artists started today and work the next days at the wall - Adress: Waltherstrasse/Wachsbleichstrasse /Dresden more flix coming soon.

CityBilder - part 1 - featured international muralists who already collaborated together.
In the first part the following artists took part:
Other (CA) & Saddo (RO)
Ryan Spring Dooley (US) & Moneyless (IT)
Graphic Surgery (NL)
Kenor(ES) & H101 (ES)
Xpome (BG) & More (BG) & Jens Besser (D)

CityBilder continues the series of art in public space by riesa efau. CityBrache happened in 2004 and featured mainly Installations on city wastelands.

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