Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Giant Transition

Giant Transition is a Mural by canadian artist Luke Ramsey and Josh Holinaty in Edmonton Canada. "The giant on the right comes from a land of mass consumption and waste. His body is made-up of junk, trash and random man-made objects. He feels burdened by the weight of his load and feels stress and fear because of it. The giant on the left is showing compassion for her new friend. She comes from a land of green space and an abundance of nature. Her body is made-up of rivers, animals, and vegetation. As a gesture of support and understanding, she calmly puts her hand on the other giant’s shoulder. He’s feeling a little nervous about the change, but a positive transition begins to spread- a change that shares a common ground between the two. Their faces come together and form a complete circle, because they are in harmony with each other." more photos here

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